One of the University specialized centers, which was established in 1999 to submit the ‎services to all Palestinian community sectors in the field of Biological, Chemical, ‎BioScience and Clinical Analyzes; through specialized units and laboratories with dedicated qualified / well-trained staff who are working with concern snd intention to improve the ‎quality of human life and the Palestinian environment, and to invest the whole available ‎capacities in the University to carry out studies, research, consultancy and training services as well as active participation with different institutions to improve and develop the applied ‎standards in the Palestinian society.‎


Our vision is to work together in submitting quality-compliance services to ‎the local and international standards through our constant and earnest ‎endeavor to be a lead center in providing and developing our vital role in the ‎Palestinian community service.‎


Our mission lies in our contribution in improving the life quality of the ‎Palestinian consumer by working within a well-trained and qualified staff in ‎services and expertise provision by using the latest qualitative equipments, ‎and following the confirmatory methods to the local and international ‎standards.‎

Aims and Objectives

The APCC strives to activate its service and research role generally in the ‎Palestinian community and particularly at the University through:‎

  • Integration with all University faculties and departments so as to serve ‎the Palestinian community in all sectors.‎
  • Provision of assays and the qualitative and quantitative calibration ‎services at various fields.‎
  • Examination of foodstuffs, medicines, cosmetics, detergents and products ‎of local industries.‎
  • Research, development, training, studies and technical consultancy ‎submission so as to develop and improve the local production based on ‎the available expertise at the University.‎
  • Submitting the information and awareness guidelines.