In response to COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to realize An-Najah ‎National University's vision for sustainable development, the ‎University's Department of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Medicine and ‎Health Sciences has been commissioned to make and produce hand ‎sanitizers, whilst maintaining strict safety requirements during this public ‎health crisis.‎

Since the pandemic's onset in March, the University's Department of ‎Pharmacy developed their own sanitizer and began distributing it on ‎campus.‎

In an effort to aid the campus community during a time when hand ‎sanitizer is scarce, the Department of Pharmacy at An-Najah prepared ‎and produced over 1500 bottles that meet quality standards and ‎specifications for alcohol used in pharmaceuticals.‎

With a wide shortage of hand sanitizers since the beginning of the ‎COVID-19 pandemic, a large amount of those bottles were donated to ‎the Nablus governorate to help address and ease the hand sanitizer ‎shortage. It is worth mentioning the University's Department of ‎Pharmacy will continue to produce and distribute hand sanitizers on ‎campus to meet the University's needs.‎

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