• Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences includes two buildings; numbers 17 and 19. Additional lecture rooms are available in building 24. The library is conveniently located near the medical school buildings. Clinical rotations occur at hospitals and clinics across the North of the West Bank.
  • Teaching classrooms have been fully equipped by An-Najah National University in three governmental hospitals.
  • Currently, a 600-meter square construct is being added to the Najah National University Hospital site for medical degree program activities.
  • Two different amphitheaters are available for conference, graduation, and other activities.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available on most areas of the campus.
  • A medical clinic for student and An-Najah National University employees is located in the new campus.
  • Additional plans include a new building for medical school with laboratories, offices, and lecture rooms, student dormitories are planned as well.

This building has been functional since 2006, It has 6 floors, with a total area of 6000 square meters. It includes 44 teacher desks served by a central printer facility room connected to all desks with intranet, 12 lecture rooms (all lecture rooms are equipped with audio-visual aids), 14 teaching labs, 3 computer labs, one auditorium, one meeting room. There is a cafeteria for student and academic staff use. The institute of forensic medicine with the morgue and the animal unit are located here, each with separate entrance.

The departments of (medicine, pharmacy, and "applied and allied medical sciences") director’s office has a separate fully equipped secretary’s room in the same building with an adjacent multipurpose meeting-teaching hall furnished to hold round-table meetings and multi roundtable group workshops.


This building has been functional since 2012 and has 7 floors in 1000 square meters, and divided into classrooms, offices, laboratories, and logistic rooms with a total of 7500 square meters. The building comprises 35 teacher desks, 20 lecture rooms (all lecture rooms are equipped with audio-visual aids), two computer labs, three auditoriums, 14 teaching labs, high fidelity simulation lab, anatomage lab, and a cafeteria.

Dean's office, biomedical sciences department director office, deputy dean for graduate studies office,medical education office, and "nursing and medwifery" department office, are all in the same building with separate secretarial fully equipped rooms. The offices for student's research projects coordinator, the SRU, and IRB are also in the same building.


In 2019, six large lecture rooms equipped with audio-visual aids were constructed and added to the building 24 to be used by the departments of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.


There are 4 large classrooms (that can be further subdivided) on the old campus, located one km from the new campus. These rooms are training labs for clinical medical skills of Doctor of Medicine Program during basic and clinical years.


Two libraries are available at An-Najah National University. The 8,600 square meter area library with five floors on the new campus has one floor dedicated to the medical school. Of the approximately 500,000 books owned by the libraries, 1830 are medical.

Electronic Databases:
For medical journals are predominantly open access and include Science Direct, Springer, Scientific Research Open Access, SAGE, Cambridge, Oxford, Emerald Group Publishing, EBSCO Host - Academic Search Premier, McGraw Hill Access Medicine, and HINARI.

The new campus library has a space for 1,000 students, 250 tables, and 1,000 chairs. Copiers are available at a nominal price, and three scanners are available and can be used for free hours are: Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 7 pm, Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm, but students can apply to use the library until 8 pm. There are reading rooms, some which hold up to 35 people and small study rooms accommodate up to seven people. Computers and internet connection are available.