• Faculty of Medicine (before it became a department in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS)) was established in 1999-2000 as part of Palestinian Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with Al-Quds University in Jerusalem district and Al-Azhar University in Gaza. This responded to recommendations by national and international experts who believed it was essential for Palestine to have a Faculty of medicine to be responsible for medical education in Palestine. Initially, An-Najah National University (ANNU) Faculty of Medicine enrolled and taught the basic sciences through the three preclinical years, then students were transferred to Al – Quds University for their clinical education.
  • In 2006-2007, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research approved the inception of the clinical phase at ANNU.
  •  In 2007-2008 Faculty of Medicine was recognized as an independent faculty within ANNU.
  • At the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year, all health faculties were restructured within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. It included 4 departments: Bio-Medical Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, and "Nursing and Midwifery".  In the academic year 2020 the department of "Applied and Allied Medical Sciences" was estaplished. And, in the academic year 2021 the department of  Dentistry and Dental Surgery was estaplished. 
  • Lead transformation of Palestinian community to enjoy the highest quality of health possible.
  • The development and advancement of medical research work in the health sector to get it at the international level. To that end, we cultivate excellence and collegiality within an inclusive community, so we attract and develop a diverse and talented academic workforce. We lead the revolution in human medicine by enhancing our intellectual and technological environment to foster exceptionally creative research and education to respond to the accelerated new challenges. We aim at anchoring this view to carry out the tasks and responsibilities to ensure the best heath care for patients.  We are fully determined to maintain excellent clinical programs to provide outstanding health care to the society. So we strive for highest standards of Ethics, Integrity and Compassionate Care.

Promote innovation and excellence in education, research and high-quality training for the delivery of excellent patient care in Palestine and beyond.

  1. Provide Palestine with highly qualified physicians to serve their people.
  2. Give Palestinian students the opportunity to study at home and provide them with the best learning-teaching basic and clinical up to standard and updated education tools.
  3. Give Palestinian students who finish their secondary education in regional countries the opportunity to study medicine.
  4. Produce graduates who are nationally and internationally competitive to continue distinguished specialty training.
  5. Develop scientific research infrastructure capable of exploring health challenges faced by society.
  6. Gather and recruit Palestinian health care scientists and professionals under one umbrella to advance knowledge and practice at the regional and national level.
  7. Advocate for improvements in community health and healthcare systems.
  1. Internal Medicine and its Specialties.
  2. General Surgery.
  3. Pediatrics.
  4. Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  5. Surgical Subspecialties.
  6. Selected Medical Specialties and Forensic Medicine.
  7. Family and community Medicine and Psychiatry.

Successive Directors

2017- Now

Hasan Fitian

Director of Medicine Department



  • 2016 2017

    Dr. Khalil Issa

  • Aug.2015 Aug.2016

    Dr. Imad Dweikat

  • Jan.2015 Aug.2015

    Dr. Khalil Issa

  • Aug.2014 Jan.2015

    Dr. Kamal Abed

  • Sep.2013 July.2014

    Dr. Hasan Fitian

  • 2010 2013

    Dr. Khalil Issa