A group of researchers from An-Najah National University, consisting of Dr. Nihad Al-Othman from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Mr. Munther Saeedi from the University's Language Center, and Ms. Maha Rabayaa from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, published a research article in the Journal of BioMed Research International about violence against healthcare workers in Palestine.

The results of the article titled" Breaking the Bridge: An investigation into doctor -patient miscommunication as a significant factor in the violence against healthcare workers in Palestine" showed that the verbal and nonverbal miscommunications between the patients and healthcare workers were the major factors in provoking violent responses from patients.

The article concluded that workplace violence, either verbal or nonverbal, in the health sector is a public health concern in Palestine. The verbal and nonverbal communication skills of healthcare workers should be developed well enough to overcome the effect of miscommunication provoking violent acts from patients and their relatives as well.

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