A research team from An-Najah National University headed by Dr. Mohammad Qneibi, Founder and Director of the Neuroscience Center at the University in cooperation with his research team, recently published a new scientific article in one of the most respected Journals: Bioorganic Chemistry under Drug Discovery category (IF>5, Q1) in the USA.

The research team included Dr. Nidal Jaradat, Dr. Muhammad Hawash and Ms. Shorouq Sobh from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and Dr. Othman Hamid and Rana Al-Qurum and Rola Al-Qurum, PhD Students from the Department of Chemistry at the University.

The article has been reviewed by Prof. Mark Distefano, Distinguished McKnight & Merck Professor and Editor of the Bioorganic Chemistry Journal.

The newly published research is the first study to assess novel curcumin derivatives and their effect on the gating biophysical properties and inhibitory role on glutamate AMPA receptors (AMPARs).

Additionally, this study will help to potentially synthesize a neuroprotective drug effective in treating Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy associated with AMPARs overactivation. Also, this discovery revealed a potential relationship between AMPARs and breast cancer development. This relationship will be further investigated by the research team in future studies.

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