His Excellency the Palestinian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Dr. Husam Zomlot, made a significant visit to An-Najah National University and its University Teaching Hospital (NNUH) on Wednesday, August 30, 2023. The Ambassador's visit was a testament to the strong bond between An-Najah National University and the Palestinian diaspora.

Dr. Zomlot was warmly received by a distinguished group of university representatives, including Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Khayyat, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Raed Al-Dabai, Assistant to the President for Community Affairs, Dr. Saed Al-Khayyat, Director of Scientific Centers, Dr. Khalil Issa, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Mr. Ahmed Al-Sarghli, Advisor to the University’s President for Public Relations, Eng. Ghazi Murtaja, Director of the Media Center, and several members of the university’s academic and administrative staff.

At the onset of the meeting, Dr. Al-Khayyat extended a warm welcome to His Excellency the Ambassador and highlighted the remarkable progress that An-Najah National University has achieved in recent years. Dr. Al-Khayyat also discussed the university's future development plans and its ongoing community initiatives. He emphasized the university's global achievements and expressed deep appreciation for Dr. Zomlot's tireless efforts in international forums to support the Palestinian cause.

During his visit to the university, Ambassador Zomlot had the opportunity to explore the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and An-Najah National University Hospital. He gained insights into the medical services offered by the hospital and engaged in discussions about the advancement of medical practices in Palestine.

Dr. Iyad Maqbool, the Acting CEO of An-Najah National University Hospital, held a productive meeting with Ambassador Zomlot. Dr. Maqbool provided an overview of completed and upcoming projects at the hospital, highlighting its pivotal role in the Palestinian healthcare sector. He emphasized the hospital's dedication to nurturing a cadre of highly qualified academics who contribute to the enhancement of medical education, aligning it with international standards. As the sole university hospital in the West Bank, the institution is committed to nurturing talented students dedicated to serving their nation.

Dr. Zomlot expressed his delight at visiting the university and commended the significant strides it has taken in both Palestinian and international academic circles. He praised An-Najah National University Hospital as a prestigious institution, combining exceptional medical services with scientific and academic research. He emphasized, "This institution stands as a beacon of excellence, seamlessly uniting exceptional healthcare services with cutting-edge scientific and academic research. It represents a crucial milestone in advancing medical practices in Palestine, aligning with global standards of excellence." Dr. Zomlot reiterated the vital significance of healthcare and the ongoing pursuit of its enhancement.

The Ambassador's visit included an inspiring interaction with medical students, where he encouraged them to persist in their dedication to excellence. He noted, "Most of the creative people in the United Kingdom are Palestinian students." The visit concluded with a comprehensive tour of the hospital's departments, during which Dr. Zomlot gained a deeper understanding of the hospital's commitment to delivering quality healthcare services.

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