In cooperation with An-Najah National University Hospital and the King ‎Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC), the IFMSA at An-Najah National ‎University organized the World Cancer Day Exhibition on Sunday, ‎February 17, 2019 at An-Najah's Faculty of Medicine and Health ‎Sciences.‎

The exhibition aimed at raising awareness and education about cancer and the need for urgent action to increase cancer prevention,early detection, screening and diagnosis to save lives.

The exhibition was launched by Dr. Waleed Al-Basha, the IFMSA's ‎Supervisor at An-Najah, and Mr. Eyad Al-Aqra, Director of Students' ‎Affairs at the University.‎

The exhibition included booths through which many topics were ‎introduced to the visitors, such as symptoms associated with cancer, early ‎detection, screening and diagnosis, smoking and cancer and the role of ‎positive psychology in cancer care.‎

It also included a booth to view cancer cells through a microscope.‎

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