A group of medical students from An-Najah's Faculty of Medicine and ‎Health Sciences, recently organized an awareness lecture focused on ‎providing sufficient information about osteoporosis.‎

The lecture aimed to raise health awareness on the prevention, ‎diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.‎

The lecture included discussions about osteoporotic fractures, ‎prevention tips, risk reduction, and more to help participants take ‎care of their bones. ‎

An-Najah's medical students pointed out that there is no complicated ‎strategy to keep bones healthy, it boils down to two essential tips. ‎The first is getting the recommended daily amount of calcium and ‎vitamin D, with the second being regular exercise and good nutrition.‎

The awareness lecture was part of the Community Medicine course offered by the ‎Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University.‎

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