As part of its extracurricular activities, the local committee of the ‎‎Palestinian Medical Students’ Association of An-Najah National ‎University ‎‎ (PMSA Nablus) recently organized an exhibition to introduce ‎the ‎Palestinian branch of the IFMSA at the University, its bodies and ‎‎committees to the University students. ‎

The exhibition included booths through which the six committees of the ‎Palestinian branch of the IFMSA were introduced to the visitors. The exhibition ‎also aimed to introduce the students to the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program ‎at the University. ‎

The exhibition was launched by Mr. Eyad Al-Aqra, Director of Students' ‎‎Affairs at the University, and student Motaz Daraghmeh, Chair of PMSA ‎NABLUS, as well as a number of the University students. ‎


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