On Sunday 06/09/2020 at 6:00PM the Medical Research Association An-Najah National University branch “IMedRA-ANU” have carried out the first online seminar from the advanced course of Basics in Research with the title ”Statistical Analysis and SPSS Skills”.

It was presented by the highly skilled Dr. Ali Abu Zaid, a lecturer at Al-Azhar University in Gaza and has Ph.D. in Statistics .from the University of Malaya in Malaysia.

The lecture lasted for 2 hours with 40 attendees from the Medicine and Health Sciences faculty at An-Najah National University. At the beginning of the lecture Dr. Ali Abu Zaid thanked the team for coordinating this training series, which is going to last for five days, and these lectures will provide the students the academic capabilities and instructions in the field of statistics and scientific research in order to develop their skills. The training course began by presenting basic concepts in statistics, such as Branches of Statistics, Scales of Measurement, Graphing of Data and much more. These concepts are the introduction for this course, which will teach the attendees all about the SPSS program and how to use it in data analysis so that they will be able to analyze the data used in scientific research projects.

At the end of the first seminar, the Association President thanked Dr. Ali Abu Zaid for the amazing lecture and the wonderful style of presenting and teaching plus for devoting part of his time in giving this lecture which is the first one of five continuous lectures.

The IMedRA ANU team has organized this training seminar within the advanced training series to teach the basics of scientific research, which is currently open for the IMedRA ANNU members to help them in expanding their knowledge on research as well as to enable them to teach and guide the new IMedRA participants and students in the near future.


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