The International Medical Student Research Association at An-Najah National University - IMedRA NNU, conducted and finished the advanced training series in scientific research principles titled “Statistical Analysis and SPSS”.

on Thursday 10-9-2020. The training series was presented by the excellent Dr. Ali Abuzaid who is a professor at Al-Azhar University - Gaza and has a PhD in statistics from Malaya University in Indonesia. The training series lasted for 10 hours on a 5-day period and covered both the academic perspective to improve students’ skills in statistics and increase their knowledge about methods used in statistics and how to represent data, in addition to the practical perspective and how to use the statistical analysis software.
35 students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah University attended the training series that lasted for a week. Dr. Abuzaid thanked the team at the end for coordinating and managing this training series.
IMedRA’s president also thanked  Dr. Abuzaid for giving part of his time to present the series and commended his special and wonderful method of presentation. The aim of this series was to make IMedRA’s members capable of going through the scientific research experience and to increase their basic skills, which they will present to future trainees at IMedRA.


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