IMedRA-ANNU held its seventh online Zoom lecture under the title “How to write a cover letter” from the series “Steps for future” on Thursday 24/9/2020 at 6 PM. The lecture was led by the generous and outstanding trainer: Yousef Kamal Al-Sabaa’. Additionally, it is worth noticing that this is the third lecture that Mr.Al-Sabaa’ leads in collaboration with IMedRA.


The lecture was an hour and half lecture, with 47 participants from various majors. In addition, the lecture tackled the contents, writing, and everything that the student needs to know about writing a cover letter, and it shed some light on the common mistakes that academics make while writing their letters. Also, Mr.Al-Sabaa’ explained many practical examples so that the students can truly understand what they are being taught.

At the end of the lecture, Alaa Azzam (the head of the Academic Committee), thanked the lecturer for his outstanding and impactful efforts, and she thanked the students for attending the lecture. Also, she explained the cruciality of such lectures and how they can positively impact the students’ academic and professional lives.


As always, IMedRA promises you to offer more of these lectures which aim to build a concrete ground regarding your academic and professional advancement.


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