The Association of Scientific Research for Students of Medicine and Health Sciences, An-Najah National University Branch - IMedRA ANNU - conducted a training course entitled "Academic Research Writing" on 13-15/11/2020, which was given by the distinguished trainer and specialist in the field of languages ​​and writing,  Amjad Badda.

The course, which was held for three days for  hour and half daily, was organized to complete the advanced stage of teaching the basics of scientific research that the association started two months ago for the registered members of the association.

The training course included an explanation of some of the verbal rules necessary in the writing process, clarify the appropriate formulas for each section of the research paper, and how to infer and correctly quote from previous research papers.

Ibrahim Zakarneh, one of the members of the Public Relations Committee, thanked the trainer, Amjad Badda, for doing this important training for free, out his support to increase the interest of Palestinian students and youth in scientific research and its various aspects.

This training course was part of the advanced stage of teaching the basics of scientific research provided by the Association of Scientific Research to students of medicine and health sciences branch of An-Najah National University to its registered members, which will be completed in the future to prepare them to enter the field of scientific research.

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