The Association of Scientific Research for Students of Medicine and Health Sciences, An-Najah University Branch (IMedRA ANNU) hosted an event on Zoom by Professor Tahsin Nazir - Assistant Professor at Ibn Haldun University - Istanbul, on Saturday 23/1/2021, for two hours, to introduce the scholarships offered by the Turkish government

He talked about the Turkish scholarship in general and what is the importance of it, then he started talking about the application process and the most important documents to submit, the professor also talked about what scholarships provide to the students and current university students.

At the end of the workshop, Omar Safarini, President of the Association, thanked each of Professor Tahseen Nazir for devoting part of his time to presenting this workshop, and he also thanked Dr. Ahmed Hanani for helping to complete this workshop and his talk about how Palestinian medical students benefit from these opportunities.

IMedRA ANNU is preparing these seminars and training workshops as part of its plan and vision to advance the Palestinian society scientifically and academically.

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