The Department of Family and Community Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of An-Najah University with the support of MAP Company (Medical Aid for Palestinians), participated in a training program for Treatment of Tobacco Addiction, during the period October 18-29, 2020. The training program was organized by King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan.

The training program is accredited by the Council for Tobacco Addiction Treatment Specialist Training Programs (CTTTP), which is the accrediting body for Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Programs. Conditional approval is granted to high-quality training programs. The Council establishes and continually reviews Tobacco Treatment Specialist training standards, evaluates training program compliance with established standards, recognizes training programs which demonstrate compliance, and serves as a resource for Tobacco Treatment Specialist certification.

The training program prepared the participants to understand the science behind tobacco addiction, nicotine withdrawal symptoms, and effective treatments for tobacco use, provide clear and accurate information about the causes and consequences of tobacco use, and develop individualized treatment plans using comprehensive, evidence-based assessments and treatment strategies.

After completing the training program, An-Najah University's participants received a certificate of completion, and they became officially certified tobacco treatment specialists (CTTSs), who are specially trained to provide treatment for individuals seeking to stop using tobacco.

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