Pharm. D. Students Association – PDSA at An-Najah University ‎organized a guidance session for students to improve their time ‎management skills. It was given by Mrs. Clara Yaish‎, the Deanship of ‎Student Affairs' social counselor at the University.‎

The session aimed to offer participants strategies to help them plan ‎their time effectively, encourage them to maximize their productivity ‎and maintain optimum control over their activities. ‎

Moreover, the session included an overview of how to plan and ‎prioritize each day’s activities in a more efficient and productive ‎manner. Also, it included discussions about how to overcome ‎procrastination, handle crises effectively and create study plans more ‎appropriately and effectively.‎

It is worth mentioning that this activity was part of a series of lectures ‎and workshops held by the association regularly with the aim of ‎fostering cultural awareness among students.‎

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