IMedRa - ANU collaborated with Dr.Yousef Kamal Al-Sabaa’ in hosting the fifth online training session named “Personal statement writing skills” from the training series “Steps for Future” .

on Saturday (29/08/2020–6-8.30P.M.). At first, Dr.Al-Sabaa’ briefly tackled the differences between cover letters and personal statements. Afterwards, Dr.Al-Sabaa’ presented the basics, common mistakes, and the rules of writing a decent personal statement. Later, Dr.Al-Sabaa’ answered all the questions that the students (59 ANNU students from various schools) had, and he thanked them for their remarkable participation. Additionally, Dr.Al-Sabaa’ gave thanks to the IMedRA team for spectacularly organizing the session.

At the end, Marah Hunjul (the Managing Supervisor) thanked the trainer in the name of the entire IMedRA team for dedicating some time to generously facilitate this much needed training, which many ambitious students need to excel in their academic and professional fields. In addition, Hunjul thanked the students and promised them that more trainings are on the way!

Finally, Dr.Al-Sabaa’ made it clear that he wants to offer more trainings revolving around writing covering letters (CV). As always, please remember that IMedRA is always on the hunt for any trainings or opportunities that students need to grow at all aspects.


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