• Department of Dentistry was established as a part of the college of Medicine and Health Sciences in 2021.
  • The department manages pre-clinical training laboratories like prosthodontic laboratories, conservative and endodontic laboratories.
  • The department staff members supervise the students in both pre-clinical laboratories and during clinical training.
  • Students are taught by the staff members of the college of medicine and health sciences who are higher degrees holders.
  • Extra-curricular activities are encouraged in the department as to develop different students’ skills.

Local, regional, and global leadership in dental training, teaching, and research, and national excellence in community service.Training dentists and prepare them to keep up with continuous updates in different dental fields.

Provide distinguished dental educational services, community service and research and prepare competent dentists who can improve the dental career and participate actively in community service.

  • Provide distinguished dental services in different dental specialties under the supervision of the staff members.
  • Utilizing the latest training, diagnoses, and treatment methods.
  • Improving the skills of the dentists through continuous dental education.
  • Prepare dentists with high level of professionalism, clinical skills and knowledge.
  • Encourage and support the scientific research in different dental fields.
  • Continuous training and skills improvement for both the academic and administrative staffs.
  • Make cooperation agreements with local and global organizations in both scientific research and practical training fields.

The Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Division within the Department of Dentistry plays a critical role in enhancing safety and general health in practicing oral and dental medicine. Its responsibilities include:

1. Development and execution of health and safety programs: The Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Division is tasked with developing and implementing health and safety programs within the Department of Dentistry. These programs encompass policies and preventive measures aimed at infection prevention and ensuring the safety of clinical practice within dental clinics at An-Najah National University.

2. Training of students and staff: The division provides training and education to students, faculty members, and administrative staff on occupational safety, health, and preventive measures against infectious diseases.

3. Surveillance of infections and risk assessment: The division monitors infection cases within the Department of Dentistry and provides regular reports on the current infection status and potential risks for students and staff.

4. Development of safety procedures: The division develops and updates preventive procedures and protocols to minimize infection transmission and ensure the safety of the working environment within the department.

5. Collaboration with relevant authorities: Members of the division communicate with local and national health authorities to acquire the latest recommendations regarding staff and student vaccinations, prevention of infections, and general health safety.

6. Management of investigations and reports: In the event of infection cases or unexpected incidents, the division is responsible for managing investigations and preparing necessary reports to implement corrective actions.

7. Review of research and new trends: Division members review scientific research and new trends in the field of infection control to apply best practices within the team of oral and dental medicine.

These responsibilities are fundamental for maintaining a safe and healthy educational and work environment for dental students, faculty members, and staff.

This program within the scope of the Department of Dentistry at An Najah National University, is an essential part of the ongoing efforts to enhance the skills and knowledge of various staff members. It includes a range of responsibilities, among which are:

  1. Organizing educational events: A series of lectures, workshops, and training courses are organized to meet the self-development needs of the department's staff specifically and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in general. Topics and speakers are carefully selected to ensure that the program meets the participants' needs.
  2. Coordination with the Medical Education Department at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah National University to prepare and announce various educational events.
  3. Organizing continuing education: Attendance at courses and scientific seminars that contribute to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and professional capabilities of doctors and staff.
  4. Providing educational resources: Providing the necessary educational resources to support academic development, including scientific articles, books, recordings of program lectures, and additional educational materials.
  5. Communication and collaboration: Communication with teachers and staff to gather their feedback and suggestions regarding the program, and encourage collaboration between different departments and other faculties and divisions at An Najah National University to exchange expertise.
  • Diploma in Dental Assistant
  • Diploma in Dental Radiography
  • Prosthodontic laboratory : a lab equipped and prepared for students training on designing and fabricating complete and partial dentures, in addition to acrylic and cobalt chromium dentures.
  • Dental materials laboratory: during the pre-clinical training, students are exposed and taught the properties of the different dental materials and how to use them in this laboratory.
  • Phantom heads and conservative dentistry laboratory: a laboratory equipped with phantom heads, X-ray machines in addition to mounted screens. In this lab the students will practice endodontic treatments, conservative treatments and crowns and bridges preparation.
  • Orthodontics laboratory: in this lab the students practice designing and manufacturing removable orthodontic appliances.
  • Virtual Reality Simulators: In this laboratory, the students gain skills in the operative dentistry, endodontic treatments and implantology which will run parallel to the training undertaken in the phantom head training labs.
Dentistry and Dental Surgery Department's Laboratories

Director of the Department (2021-Now)


Nabil Massad

Director of Dentistry and Dental Surgery Department