In the presence of eminent international researchers, academics and doctors as well as local, regional and international cooperative organizations, An-Najah National University's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences launched the activities of An-Najah's 5th International Medical Sciences Conference titled: "The status of surgical sub-specialties in Palestine: Current situation and future needs" on Sunday, October 24, 2021.

The conference which has been accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) in the United Kingdom, gathered more than 1000 participants from different disciplinary backgrounds that covered a variety of topics in surgical sub-specialties. It aimed at discussing the most recent evidence and the latest developments of surgical subspecialties in Palestine through a group of research papers. It also aimed at strengthening the partnership between Palestine and the other countries in terms of academic and cultural cooperation.

The opening session was attended by Prof. Rami Hamdallah, Vice-Chairman of An-Najah University's Board of Trustees, Professor Abdel Naser Zaid, President of An-Najah, An-Najah’s vice presidents and assistants, faculty deans and heads of departments as well as other notable guests and attendees.


The opening session was moderated by Dr. Iyad Maqboul, Head of Public Relations and Logistics committee. Dr. Maqboul welcomed the attendees and spoke about the conference's aim and activities.

This was followed by a welcome speech by Professor Zaid who declared the open of the 5th International Medical Sciences Conference and welcomed the participants from all over the world who came to exchange experience and work together on the field of surgical sub-specialties.

Additionally, he stressed the University is committed to, and succeeds in fostering an academic community in which learning and scholarship flourish through prioritizing the Faculty of Medicine and its various academic programs, referring to the university's role in serving the community in the health sector.

"I am honored that the University's Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is organizing such an international landmark event. I wish you all a great conference characterized by enriching discussions and deep insights." the President said as he concluded his speech.

The conference also included speeches by Dr. Mazen Abdalla, Conference President, Dr. Khalil Issa and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Shawky Sobha, Head of the Palestinian Doctors Syndicate, Dr. Kamal Hijazi, An-Najah National University Hospital CEO, and Dr. Faris Abushamma, Conference Vice President.


The conference was over two days and included sessions on Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, General surgery and Urology.

It is worth mentioning that the conference was sponsored by An - Najah National University Hospital, INTERMED, Medical Supplies and Services Company, ARABCO, MediPal, AstraZeneca, LEMIX, CEZAR, Novartis, Siam Medical and Trading Company, Al-Nasr, Leen M, Beit Al-Makdes Health Services, Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company (BPC), Jerusalem Pharmaceutical, Pharmacare Plc, and the Union of Palestinian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

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