Researchers from An-Najah National University have once again showcased their exceptional talent and dedication, claiming top honors in the prestigious Palestine Islamic Bank Award for Scientific Research. The University's researchers secured prominent positions across three distinct fields in the award's eighth edition.

In the realm of teaching, learning, and commerce in the era of technology and artificial intelligence, Ms. Maysa Abu Zant secured the first-place position, with Mr. Ahmed Abu Alia following closely in second place. Dr. Safaa Abu Jarour achieved an impressive third-place ranking in the same field.

Demonstrating their prowess in administrative systems, integrity, accountability, and transparency, Dr. Aladdin Dwaikat emerged as the deserving winner of the first-place award. Dr. Islam Abdel-Jawad claimed the second-place position, further highlighting An-Najah National University's dominance.

Within the Palestinian context, in the field of health sciences, Dr. Johnny Amer secured an impressive second-place finish. Dr. Mustafa Ghanem demonstrated remarkable expertise, securing the third-place position in the same field.

Prof. Abdel Nasser Zaid, President of An-Najah University, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the accomplished male and female researchers for their remarkable achievements. He emphasized that their success reflects the exceptional caliber of their research and applauded the collaborative partnership between the educational system and the Palestinian banking sector.

Expressing his pride in the faculty members and students, Prof. Ismail Warad, Dean of Scientific Research at An-Najah, commended their excellence in producing groundbreaking research. He underscored that this recent accomplishment further adds to the series of achievements attained by successful researchers from the University. In 2022, An-Najah National University researchers claimed top positions in the fields of applied sciences and health sciences.

The Palestine Islamic Bank, in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, annually presents the Scientific Research Award. The award aims to encourage researchers to augment their research output and produce original studies that contribute significant value to the realm of knowledge.

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