On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, the E-Learning Center at An-Najah National University embarked on a series of comprehensive training sessions focused on implementing the flipped classroom strategy for the university's esteemed faculty members. This initiative is a key component of the "Accelerating Digital Transformation of Higher Education in the Middle East" project, generously funded by the Francophone University Agency.

These training meetings aim to cultivate a cadre of proficient educators capable of elevating the standards of e-learning and its strategic implementation. The sessions begin with an introduction to the flipped classroom strategy, a pedagogical approach that reimagines the student's role in learning. This strategy transforms students from passive recipients of information to active seekers and leaders in their educational journey. Faculty members from diverse departments and disciplines participated in these enlightening sessions.


Participants will undergo comprehensive training encompassing the development of lesson plans aligned with the flipped classroom method. They will learn to craft engaging scenarios, select appropriate technological tools for resource preparation, design effective learning activities and assessments, and ultimately evaluate student accomplishments following instruction delivered through the flipped classroom strategy.

By the program's conclusion, participants are expected to be proficient in designing lessons and educational units within the Moodle platform, leveraging the "partial design" concept facilitated through the dedicated website. This innovative approach streamlines teachers' course design efforts and contributes to the structured development of their instructional plans.

The "Accelerating Digital Transformation in Higher Education Institutions" project in the Middle East, generously supported by the Francophone University Agency (AUF), is rooted in the goal of supporting universities in their sustainable transition towards utilizing digital technology for education. The project operates rationally, effectively, and provenly, enabling beneficiary institutions to harness the power of digital tools for enhanced educational experiences.  


The Flipped Classroom strategy, a hallmark of modern pedagogy, leverages contemporary technologies and the internet to create multimedia-rich educational content. These materials—comprising videos, audio files, and other media—are accessed by students at home or in the classroom via computers, smartphones, or tablets prior to in-person sessions. Classroom time is then optimized for collaborative discussions, project work, and interactive exercises.

The training course's sessions will span from August 15, 2023, to August 20, 2023, encompassing a total of 20 hours of intensive training. This duration will be distributed across four face-to-face meetings and a series of remote activities and assignments, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience for all participants.




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