An-Najah National University continues to set new benchmarks in academic excellence, with graduates from its renowned Physiotherapy Program achieving a remarkable 100% success rate in the recent Medical Licensing Examination within the 1948 Lands. All graduates who undertook the examination exhibited outstanding performance, securing clear distinction and excellence.

Prof. Abdel Nasser Zaid, President of An-Najah University, commended the graduates for their exceptional success and acknowledged their distinguished results. He emphasized that these achievements are a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence exhibited by the university, its faculty, and the students alike.

Expressing gratitude, Prof. Zaid extended thanks to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, specifically recognizing the Dean, the Director of the Department of Applied and Allied Medical Sciences, and the Head of the Physiotherapy Department. In turn, they congratulated the successful graduates, conveyed best wishes for their professional endeavors, and highlighted that such accomplishments are an annual occurrence for medicine and health sciences graduates at An-Najah University. The examination, which poses significant challenges and fierce competition among local and international universities, allows graduates to practice physical therapy within the 1948 Lands.

This outstanding achievement is a direct outcome of the university administration's commitment to advancing the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences across various specializations. The institution achieves this through the recruitment of qualified academic professionals, provision of cutting-edge technologies and devices, and the establishment of state-of-the-art laboratories aligned with international technological advancements.

In recognition of the university's dedication to academic excellence, the graduates praised the distinguished academic environment that played a pivotal role in their success and excellence.

The Medical Licensing Examination is renowned for its depth and requires students to possess a wealth of knowledge acquired throughout their academic journey. Additionally, the practical training period holds substantial importance in preparing students to become proficient professionals in their medical professions. An-Najah University places significant emphasis on diligently monitoring students during their training to ensure they emerge as highly qualified individuals in their respective fields.

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