Social Supervision Unit

The Social Supervision Unit is a part of student affairs deanship. It focuses on the preventive, therapeutic, and ‎development aspects to assess students' involvement in university life. The ‎unit also aims at offering psychological aids related to students’ academic, ‎personal, social and political life events.‎ Student affairs deanship also offers other services that shape students’ skills through several ‎activities and voluntary work through leading the students associations.‎

Mechanisms and Methods


  • Professional Counseling: The unit staff assesses students to enrol in the ‎appropriate academic programs.‎
  • Academic Counseling: Students visit their faculty or department ‎consultant for academic counselling.‎
  • Psychological Counseling: Students are provided with methods to ‎develop their self-estimation and solutions to overcome adaptation ‎obstacles.‎
  • Social Counseling: The unit staff analyzes students’ personal affairs and ‎intellectual and behavioural orientations.
  • Economic support that aims to enable students financially to pay education fees, or meet their basic needs while learning, such as housing, transportation, or purchasing textbooks…etc.


  • Individual Counseling: The unit’s specialists meet with students taking ‎into consideration privacy and confidentiality standards.‎
  • Group Counseling: A group of the unit staff works on an educational, ‎cultural, therapeutic or training issue.‎
  • Social Counseling: The unit holds extended meetings inside or outside ‎campus to educate students in psychological healthcare and ‎social, behavioural issues.‎
  • Searching for job opportunities for students, whether in facilities inside the university itself, or in facilities outside the university, based on the network of relationships with the local community.

Social Supervision Unit

  • Location:
    • Old Campus: Old Campus: Students Activities Building (2) - Deanship of Students Affairs - Second floor
    • New Campus: Student Counseling Office-besides female students mosque-near the Physical Education department building.
  • Working Days: Sunday – Thursday
  • Working Hours: 8:00 am - 15:30 pm
  • Contact Person: Mrs. Faten Abuzaarour.

Contact us:

092345113 Ext. 88 4599