An Najah National University Hospital (NNUH) Inaugurated in 2013, the University Hospital serves as a primary, secondary and tertiary center and is becoming the main ANNU training site for students and residents. patients from all over Palestine including the West Bank and Gaza strip seek Specialty care at NNUH and it is considered one of Palestine’s leading health care institutions.

It is a non-profit hospital with 135 beds and plans to expand to nearly 500. NNUH has five main departments hosting major and sub specialties and unique services: Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, and Radiology and Offers both Inpatient and Outpatient Care. NNUH also hosts the clinical research office that is attached to the medical education office at FMHS and oversees clinical research for faculty in the hospital setting and is affiliated with the Sientific Research Unit (SRU) / Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences(FMHS).

An-Najah National University Hospital (NNUH)