Who we are?

Palestinian Child Institute is an institute which follows the modern educational methods in dealing with all categories of normal, gifted and special needs children based on scientific and global criteria.


Our vision is to be the leadership in the use of the modern standardized diagnostic and educational tool, and providing continuous assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services for children who have early childhood disorders in order to improve the quality of their lives. We also aim to introduce a new generation who are able and ready for life and not just for school.


Our mission is to improve and develop the quality of children`s lives by providing the best services in the field of education, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. In addition to support and direct children to explore and learn through providing them with a well-organized, structured and inviting environment that meets their various learning needs.


Palestinian Child Institute is a Multidisciplinary Institute Aims to:

Represent the first model for an effective working approach in Early Childhood Education. This approach will elicit the children from different backgrounds and abilities.  It will plant the seeds on inclusion that will be nurtured and sponsored by many other schools and institutions through collaboration and exchange of experiences and teaching techniques through the Montessori Kindergarten.

  • Provide early detection and diagnosis for children who have early childhood disorders
  • Development of qualified clinical experiences and skills in the field of child care
  • Contribute effectively to social change and preventive interventions that improve the health of children who have from early childhood disorders.
  • Planning and conducting research in the field of early childhood disorders.
Palestinian Child Institute