The Laboratory is equipped with phantom heads, handpieces, wireless light curing devices, and in-class presentation aids.

It is designed to teach 3rd year students the pre-clinical skills of the following:

  • Conservative dental procedures
  • Endodontic Procedures
  • Crown and bridge procedures.

It is also designed for clinical training sessions and continuous education seminars and presentations.

The laboratory contains two instructor stations and 42 phantom heads and fits around 42 students per session.

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Virtual reality dental laboratory is equipped with haptic technology which delivers the illusion of different dental substances (enamel, dentin, headpieces, burs….) and feeling of force within the virtual environment.

In this laboratory, the students gain skills in the operative dentistry, endodontic treatments and implantology which will run parallel to the training undertaken in the phantom head training labs.

This outstanding technology provide the environment where the students can learn and improve their skills in an interactive way.