The International Medical Research Association An-Najah University (IMedRA) has conducted the online training session - “soft skills you need to maintain to join the market” as the second webinar in the training series “Steps For Future” on Sunday 26/7/2020 at 6:30pm. The webinar was presented by Mrs. Diala Khalaf who is excellent and experienced in the job market. Mrs. Khalaf discussed the skills we need as students or graduates to join the job market, teamwork, how to deal with colleagues at work, and the importance of paying attention to the people we give the service to. She also spoke about accepting others and how to adapt to social varieties, the importance of commitment to work ethics and how to negotiate at work.

93 students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah National University took part in the webinar that lasted for an hour and a half. At the end of the webinar, Mrs. Diala Khalaf thanked everyone who participated in organization and coordination.

Dr. Basma Dmairi (Head of The Association) added at the end of the meeting that these webinars are important for students and she discussed the importance of gaining these skills that the youth lack in the job market. She also appreciated IMedRA team who -despite not participating in the job market- are working professionally with a high level of organization showing that they possess the skills needed to be leaders and professional workers in their academic and vocational fields.

Students who participated in the webinar also showed appreciation for everyone who organized the training session, especially the IMedRA team for giving them this opportunity which students eagerly need. At last, the association president Omar Safarini thanked Mrs. Khalaf for making time to present this special training, he also thanked all participants and everyone who made the training successful, and promised more training series and webinars in the future.

The IMedRA team organized this training webinar as a part of the training series “Steps For Future”, which is part of IMedRA’s plan, vision and message that aims to developing medical and health sciences students specifically and the students in An-Najah National University generally in both academic and vocational fields.

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