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    The Optometry Student Association (OSA_NNU) in An-Najah University was established after the approval from The World Council of Optometry WCO which is located in the United states. It is considered to be the biggest world council of optometry and the only association approved by WHO taking into consideration that An-Najah University is an affiliate member of this organization.

    Our association is the first medical optometry students association in Palestine. It includes students from the Optometry Department in NNU who are passionate about their field and want to implement their passion in other student’s regardless of their interests and fields. The members will be selected based on an important criteria, the most important on which are being active and ready to volunteer in helping the community at any time.

    1. Create an optometry student entity in the Medicine and the Health Sciences Department for the purpose of public benefit and make active change in the society.
    2. Raise awareness about primary eye care through educational seminars, sciences fairs and many other activities that benefit the entirety of society.
    3. Provide free eye examinations done by experienced and talented students for different institutions such as schools and orphanages.
    4. Provide a space for talented students in the optometry department to be an outlet for their creativity and use their energies to serve the community.
    5. Gather the students of the department in one place to prove the identity of the field specifically with the marginalization from the Palestinian society and the nonchalance about routine checkups and eye care.
    6. Cooperation with different organizations from different fields to provide different voluntary medical activities.
    7. Launching the first broadcast for optometry students.
    8. Create a hostile medical environment between the students based on respect and admiration.