• Scientific Research Unit (SRU) was founded initially within the FMHS in 2011 as an office to coordinate students’ research projects after establishing the IRB in 2010. It then became an internal responsibility waivered to an assigned staff member supervised of  the Dean/Vice Dean in 2014, with the responsible staff member invited to participate in all FMHS council meetings.
  • In 2018 it was officially approved by ANNU as the SRU with an assigned director recognized as an official member of the FMHS council.
  • With recent 2020 approval of Medical Education Office (MEO), the SRU is a bureau within the MEO that is responsible for coordinating students’ research projects, the clinical research office at NNUH, and all research activity and laboratories at the FMHS. The expansion of SRU demonstrates the importance of commitment to research in the FMHS.

.To improve the health system in Palestine through clinical and translational research

To create the appropriate structure for scientific research, to disseminate its culture, and to enhance the culture of research and study in students of FMHS.

  1. Link the unit's policies in the field of Scientific Research to the vision, mission and goals of the university.
  2. Promote Scientific Research at the FMHS and promote the culture and practice of Scientific Research.
  3. Contribute to the study of community issues and the creation of scientific solutions to solve them.
  4. Develop research strategy, and plan and develop mechanisms for implementation in the medical college.
  5. Provide a data bank related to Scientific Research in FMHS.
  6. Encourage faculty members to participate in conferences and seminars.
  7. Organize research capacity building activities.

The An-Najah IRB is composed of twelve members representing the Faculties of Medicine and Health sciences (with its constituents), Sciences, Arts, Engineering and Physical Education colleges. It also has a university attorney and Sharea'a expert who are familiar with local regulations, as well as two lay individuals who are familiar with human research. There is also an Ex-Officio non-voting member who represents the administration (the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences). The Board is chaired by Hasan Fitian, MD, who has been charged also with IRB continuous development at the institution. To ensure familiarity with research issues and the issues that led to the formation of the Board, all members complete the online course on Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams. (http://phrp.nihtraining.com/users/login.php).

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

SRU is Responsible for Scientific Laboratories that are Composed of 8 Research Labs

Scientific Research Unit Laboratories