Participants of the 3rd Pharmaceutical Internship Conference recommended involving students in the Palestinian Pharmacists Association (PPA) and the public health faculties and institutions through developing relations between the Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation and PPA. They also recommended increasing the role of veterinary pharmacy.

Titled: "Pharmaceutical Horizons and Aspirations", the conference was organized by the Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation - Najah National University and sponsored by PHARMIX Way for Health.

The first day activities included an introductory exhibition for participating companies: RIVAGE Natural Dead Sea Minerals, Karma Care Health and Quality, Pharmacare PLC, Masrouji Group, SAMA, Sawa Care, Sun Pharm Drug Store, Dana Pharmaceutical Company, Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company, Floris, New Vision Management Consultancy and Training, MediPal and Beit Jala Pharmaceutical Company.

The conference mainly aimed at preparing internship students for the future and helping them find job opportunities. Therefore, the conference's second day included a booth where interested students submitted their CV's for participating drug companies.

The second day included four workshops titled: "Long Life Learning", "Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)", "Pregnancy and Lactation Drugs" and "Chemical Peeling, Sunscreens, Anti-Dandruff".

It also included several lectures about vitamins deficiency effects on human body, weight reduction drugs, OTC drugs, misuse of drugs, bodybuilding, vaccines for children, pharmacogenomics, drug-drug interactions, Favism (G6PD-D) disease and most beneficial ways to use medicines.


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