The Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (PSF) – An-Najah National University, organized the fourth Pharmaceutical Internship Conference titled” “Pharmapreneurship” on Thursday, Mar. 1, 2022. The conference was sponsored by several Palestinian pharmaceutical companies and was under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs.

The event lasted for two days and was attended by Dr. Nidal Jaradat, Director of the Department of Pharmacy, Dr. Shatha Hannoun, Pharmacist Training Officer, Mr. Khaled Al Husseini, Director of Public Relations Department, AND Mr. Iyad Al-Aqra, Director of Students' ‎Affairs as well as a number of academic and administrative staff members, students, and interested guests.

The conference aimed at exchanging experiences between internship students, pharmaceutical companies, professionals and academics, preparing internship students for the future and helping them finding job opportunities. Also, it focused on strengthening communication and leadership skills of internship students and participants and sharing new pharmaceutical knowledge on a national level as well as promoting and supporting the local pharmaceutical and medical-supply and other sponsors industries.

The conference’s activities included scientific exhibitions, seminars, and introductory booths through which the fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries were introduced to the participants.


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