An-Najah National University, represented by Dr. Mohyeddin Assali and Dr. Mohammed Hawash from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences’ Pharmacy Department, and Dr. Derar Al-Smadi from the Faculty of Science’s Chemistry Department at the University, participated in the 10th International Drug Chemistry Conference. It was held in Antalya between 10-13 March 2022.

The congress aimed at gathering a large number of scientists, pharmaceutical industry researchers, health authorities and all stakeholders working in the field of drug chemistry to discuss scientific developments and establish new collaborations.

An-Najah’s three professors presented different research papers on different ‎topics about drug chemistry and other related disciplines.

Dr. Assali presented a research paper titled: “Active Targeting of liver Cancer by Dual Functionalization of single-walled Carbon Nanotubes” while Dr. Hawash’s research paper was on “Novel Benzodioxole Derivatives: Molecular Docking, Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation on various Biological Targets”. On the other hand, Dr. Al-Smadi presented a research paper titled “Chemical and biochemical approaches for the synthesis of substituted Dihydroxybutatnones and di-and tri-hydroxypentanones”.

An-Najah professors discussed possible means of academic and research cooperation with the conference’s organizers who expressed their interest in strengthening research cooperation with the University through establishing joint research and exchange programs. 

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