The Union Federation of Nursing Family Association was founded in 2014, and became well known by Its scientific, educational, and social activities. It has been accredited by the deanship of student affairs and the administration of An-Najah National University since 2016.

We believe that by working in this association, we can develop initiatives and entrepreneurial spirits, and that this Nursing Association is notably exceptional at all levels due to the professional practices which helps with serving the society.

We emphasize on the role of nursing in aiding the individual (Ill or Well). We emphasize also on the importance of nursing as a science, art, and skill, as a nurse takes care of the patient’s body, mind, and spirit .This care extends to embrace individuals (When Ill), their families, and their whole society and raise health awareness through instructions and being a good role model.

  1. Socially instilling the spirit of cooperation among students.
  2. Upgrading students’ scientific level and enriching their general knowledge.
  3. Supporting students’ creativity and encouraging them Tto bring it out.
  4. Accomplishing considerable achievements which fit the university status.

Additionally, the members' numbers have exceeded three hundred students, who officially became associate members, and the committees’ officials were elected under the supervision of the deanship of student affairs. elected committees included:

  1. Scientific Committee.
  2. Cultural Committee
  3. Social Committee.
  4. Technical Committee.
  5. Sports Committee.

All the activities are supervised by Ms. Mahdia Kony .