Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation – Najah National University / PSF-NNU.

Language: Internationally, the official language is English and nationally, it is both Arabic and English.

Logo Design: the logo consists of a drawing of An-Najah University entrance with pharmacy symbol in front of it. The latter is surrounded by a rope to indicate unity among Pharmacy students.

About: An independent student federation which consists of students and graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy at An-Najah National University/Palestine.

  1. The federation pursues its objectives without Any political, religious, Social, racial, national, or sexual discrimination.
  2. The federation promotes human ethics among its students, and seeks to upgrade the status of future pharmacists.
  3. This federation is the official and only representative of pharmacy students at An-Najah University within the Palestinian federation of pharmacy students, and any other local or global forums.
  1. Offering pharmacy students and graduates equal opportunities to fully participate in the Federation’s different activities.
  2. Upgrading scientific and cultural awareness of the Federation members in particular and the Faculty students in general, and enhancing educational quality at program level.
  3. Fostering relations among pharmacy students in different universities.
  4. Representing students in discussions with governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  5. Offering student exchange programs between countries that are members of the Federation and other bodies, by which the faculty students would have opportunities to get a training abroad. They would, also, be in touch with pharmacy students from other countries in order to express their point of view regarding pharmacy issues, exchange ideas and knowledge, and gain valuable experience.
  6. Organizing effective scientific local and international seminars and conferences.
  7. Celebrating international health days of the World Health Organization (WHO).
  8. Building a website for continuous education to reach out to as many participants as possible.

Membership is divided into:

  • Unaffiliated members: They are all pharmacy students and graduates who enrolled in either Pharmacy or Pharmacy Doctor programs of An-Najah University.
  • Associate members: They are member-students with membership card, and have the right to vote and be nominated for the Federation’s elections.
  • Both have the right to participate in all the Federation’s activities and projects.
  • At the beginning of every academic semester, the Internal Relations Committee opens enrollment for one week, where members get two-year membership card from issuing date.
  • Being a pharmacy student at An-Najah University.
  • They are student-members who founded the Federation in the University and held the first assembly of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board

  • The Federation is run by the Executive Board.
  • The Executive Board consists of at least five members elected by the associate members, out of which one is appointed as president, another as secretary general, and a third as fund secretary.
  • The Board is elected for one year.
  • The Board officially represents the Federation in local and international forums.
  • The Board member's work is suspended for the following reasons:
  1. End of his/her term.
  2. Submission of a written resignation.
  3. In case he/she passes away.
  4. Dismissing him/her from their posts by the Board's majority.
  • The elected Executive Board starts working on October 1st of every year and stops on September 30th of the year that follows.

Supervisory Board

  1. The Supervisory Board oversees the Executive Board, and has the right to stop the Federation or any of the Executive Board members when breaking the laws of the Federation or the University.
  2. The Supervisory Board consists of at least five members.
  3. The Board should involve two doctors teaching in the Faculty of Pharmacy and having pharmacy license, and three members of the constituent body chosen by the body itself.
  4. The Supervisory Board has the right to turn down any of the Executive Board’s decisions if they either do not correspond with the Federation’s aims, or violate the laws.
  • The Federation is funded by membership dues, donations, and other contributions. The fund is deposited in the Federation's official account in a bank overseen by the Secretary of the Fund as well as the Supervisory Board.
  • The financial year begins on October 1st and ends on August 31st of the year that follows.
  • Biannually, the Executive Board delivers a report that introduces the developments and the policies followed in the Federation, and presents calculations and data for what already exists and what is needed. These data must be approved in the regular assembly of the members; as the documents should be signed by all members of the Executive Board.
  1. It is favorable for the elections to be held on September 23rd of every year.
  2. Associate members elect the Executive Board members and the committee officials in a special assembly held in the University. Unless the assembly is held, the elections have to be held in a session between September 1st and 22nd of each year.
  3. Nomination for any position in the Federation has to be submitted during August of that year.
  4. Any associate member who has finished first year at the University has the right to be nominated.
  5. Candidates have to attach their CVs and the activities they participated in plus their future plans for submission to the elections committee.
  6. Every candidate has to make a presentation in a day set by the elections committee before the elections take place.
  7. Each associate member can be nominated for one post only in the Executive Board or the official committees.
  8. It is not possible for two associate members to be nominated together for one post.
  9. Only during the first two weeks after the deadline of nomination, a candidate can change the post s/he would like to be nominated for, or withdraw from nomination.
  10. The election committee oversees the elections.
  11. Elections have to be done in paper form under the supervision of the Supervisory Board and the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  1. The elections committee includes: the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board, committee officials, and committee members on condition that they would not be nominated in the current elections.
  2. This committee should be formed two months before the elections take place.
  3. This committee is responsible for announcing the elections date, offering lists for the conditions of nominating and electing, following up with the applications and the withdrawals, supervising the elections, counting votes and making sure that the voting process works correctly.
  1. President: The president steers the Board's activities, and the committee officials and members. S/he represents the Board in official meetings and keeps connections between the bodies in and out the Federation. S/he is also responsible for reinforcing relations between professional contacts and allied organizations.
  2. Secretary General: The secretary general deals with the correspondences and keeps record of general meetings and those of the Executive Board. S/he is also responsible for updating the federation’s official documents and document distribution for the members, and representing the president when absent.
  3. Secretary of the Fund: S/he deals with all financial transactions on behalf of the Federation to guarantee the continuity of its activities. Besides, s/he creates a budget for the current fiscal year and sums up the Federation's calculations. In addition, s/he communicates with the president and the secretary general in order to get external support to cover the Federation’s activities.
  4. Committee officials:
  • Internal Communication Coordinator: S/he keeps members of the Federation in a regular touch, gathering information and updating programs to exchange them with the Executive Board members. In addition, s/he arranges meetings' dates, informing everyone whenever there is a change on time or date.
  • External Communication Coordinator: S/he is responsible for preparing and implementing programs that boosts relations between the Federation and other local and international universities. S/he also evaluates the progress of these universities’ and posts press release about the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF)
  • Media Coordinator: S/he is responsible for editing, designing, coordinating and publishing the Federation’s press releases, achievements, and any other official posts. Besides, s/he manages the Federation’s websites and shares related information.
  • Continuing Education Committee Coordinator: S/he is concerned with developing the scientific and pharmaceutical outcomes by organizing scientific activities such as conferences, seminars, courses and scientific research competitions. In addition, s/he follows up with students’ affairs, and helps in solving the problems they face.
  • Public Health Committee Coordinator: S/he organizes campaigns to raise people awareness about the widespread of serious diseases and how to control them by celebrating WHO global health days.
  • Social Activities Committee Coordinator: S/he promotes the social activities of the Federation members in all social activities and voluntary work disciplines as well as organizing campaigns that upgrade society awareness.
  • Student Exchange Committee Coordinator: S/he is responsible for organizing the Federation’s student exchange programs as well as sharing information about them. Also, s/he offers opportunities for students to train in factories, pharmacies, and hospitals abroad, which helps them gain practical experience and promotes cultural exchange with foreign countries.
  • Fund Committee.
  • Activities Committee.
  • Media Committee.
  • Continuing Education Committee.
  • General Health Committee.
  • Social Activities Committee.